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About Us

180 Solutions is a Telecommunications Consulting Firm.  We are a team of former telecom employees who have seen the horrendous billing errors, overcharges, and other issues across the telecom industry.  In many organizations, telecom expenses are one of the top 5 expenditures.  Unsolicited charges alone on telecom bills is a multi-million dollar industry.  Telecom vendors only care about profits, which leads to poor account management.  180 Solutions is on your side.  We will not only help you resolve all these issues, in addition, our employees have been in the industry and can draw upon their experience to save you money.  We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in credits alone on one bill.

Our background, coupled with the experience our clients have after working with us, is what makes us confident we can help you.

Like what you see, but are still skeptical?  Reach out to one of our Account Managers @ 1-855-644-2800 or sales@oneeightysolutions.com for additional information.

We Are Not Affiliated With Any Service Providers
  • We are about integrity and accountability, and in order to maintain that we will always continue to remain agnostic.
  • We work directly for our clients which means we bring opportunities to you.
Telecommunications Cost Reduction
  • We will show you how you can reduce your current costs for the services you receive without changing the way you do business.
  • We conduct a line by line analysis of your telecommunications costs.
  • You will know that your communications and technology invoices are error free, and that you have the very best pricing available.
Telecommunications Management
  • We provide the only legitimate, line by line tariff based analysis of telecom and technology related expenses in the industry today.
  • We will manage your telecom expenses and special projects so that you can have more time to concentrate on your other projects and your company’s primary objectives.
  • We will provide you with a perfect, working solution and provide recommendations for your business and its needs.
  • We anticipate your future needs, based on information that you give us and current market trends for your industry to recommend solutions that will maximize your bottom line.
Service Plan Solutions
  • We will ensure that you are on the best plan to serve your business needs.
  • We will evaluate all of your telecom and technology services in detail; and let you know if there is a better program available with your current providers.
  • We will identify the hidden programs that the service providers will not offer.
Industry Knowledge
  • We will review your telecom and technology related expenses with a trained eye years industry experience.
  • We are knowledgeable in new and emerging technologies and how these technologies may be able to reduce your operating expenses. We realize that these technologies can mean thousands of dollars for a business, one way or another, and we want our clients to be on the cutting edge.
  • We will help you avoid costly mistakes – we do this every day on a large scale.

Are you being overcharged?

A recent report states that over 80% of telecom providers admit to overcharging their clients.

Are you being overcharged on your telecom expenses?   Find out today.

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