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Case Study of AT&T Wireless Billing Errors

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An Indiana-based construction and maintenance company consistently experiences a high turnover rate with employees, causing ongoing changes in their wireless plan. The company made several attempts to clean up their wirelesss account and discovered that working with their local representative only resulted in more errors and overcharges instead of corrections and a reduction in costs. The company employee who was assigned to handle the wireless account spent a great deal of time in communication with the AT&T Wireless account manager to rectify the situation. However, she had several other responsibilities and did not have the time to continually go over billing errors.

180 Solutions Findings:
Within 30 days 180 Solutions resolved all outstanding billing issues for the construction company and the account was reassigned to another AT&T Wireless account manager. 180 Solutions did a complete analysis and restructured the company’s rate plan, saving them $8,000 monthly on their wireless expenses.

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