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Salesforce Administrator

About 180 Solutions, LLC

180 Solutions, LLC is a Telecommunications Consulting Firm. We have been helping companies save on their telecommunications expenses for over 20 years. Our team comes from the telecommunications industry. While working in the industry, we saw repeated telecom billing discrepancies, and poor account management from the vendors. Therefore, 180 Solutions was established to help companies fix telecom billing issues once they arise, and avoid ongoing errors moving forward.

Job Description:

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a new consulting division within our company.
We have worked in the past with many Salesforce consulting firms and have many times been disappointed with the client experience, communication and follow up.
We are looking for an administrator that will not only manage our highly customized instance but to also lead and help grow a new division within our consulting firm for new clients. You would get the administrative support and management of our company and would be responsible for delivering the service internally and externally.


* Manage Salesforce.com instance on day-to-day basis as responsible System Administrator
* Oversee Salesforce.com administration, configuration, and data migration tasks
* Drive adoption of Salesforce.com and identify pain points related to adoption and usage of the platform
* Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on solutions related to Salesforce.com
* Work with product owners to identify solutions and understand when configuration, code, or 3rd party solutions are appropriate in Salesforce.com
* Achieve and maintain Salesforce.com certifications
* Collaborate with management for successful engagement and project completions.
* Develop technical skills and abilities on the Force.com platform
* Excellent problem solving skills
* Excellent communication and teamwork skills
* Good customer service skills
* Ability to work alternate schedule, overtime, nights and weekends
* 3+ years previous experience working with Salesforce.com
* Experience maintaining user roles and profiles, configuring validation rules, workflow rules, triggers, formula fields, creating custom objects, setting permissions and enabling field level security in Salesforce.com
* Experience integrating Salesforce.com with other applications
* Experience using Salesforce.com data tools (Data Loader, Excel Connector, DemandTools, etc.)
* Job location is Greenwood, IN.