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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services does 180 Solutions, LLC provide?
  • 180 Solutions LLC is an independent telecommunications consulting and professional business services firm. We will become an integral part of your IT or Telecommunications team and compliment any efforts that are being made regarding cost management in telecom. We provide:

    180 Solutions LLC is not a vendor or reseller for a telecom provider. We are here to serve our client’s interests and business needs. We give unbiased recommendations. One of our primary goals is to strengthen the relationship with your current service providers. We do this to ensure two things:

    • That we provide our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction
    • To enable us to work in the most positive and ethical manner with all parties involved.
How much time is involved when 180 Solutions, LLC analyzes a client's telecom expenses?

Very little time is involved from our clients. 180 Solutions, LLC simply asks for the gathering of one month of telecom invoices. Those would include; local, long distance, wireless & data/internet. All validation, negotiation & market based research is done by 180 Solutions, LLC with complete case studies used to follow up on opportunities that are identified.

Why should I make the telecom cost reduction opportunity a priority?

According to Gartner, “Telecom vendors are overcharging by 10-15%” and a recent report also from Gartner noted that, “ 80% of businesses are being overcharged by the telecom carrier. Every month that goes by organizations are losing money on their telecom expenses.

What kind of upfront fees or unexpected costs are associated with this type of engagement?

There are no large upfront fees or hidden costs associated with the telecom cost reduction opportunity from 180 Solutions, LLC. Our engagement starts with a nominal account initiation fee (AIF) which is guaranteed. This provides a no risk, high reward opportunity. All invoicing for services rendered are provided in an easy to read online bill log with the proper case findings for each occurrence. 180 Solutions, LLC believes in complete transparency throughout the entire engagement.

What type of telecom services does 180 Solutions, LLC analyze?

180 Solutions, LLC analyzes invoices for local lines, long distance, wireless, data & maintenance agreements as part of our telecom cost reduction service.

Why should businesses engage with 180 Solutions, LLC when they have someone in IT/Accounts Payable that looks over telecom expenses?

All employees of 180 Solutions, LLC are W-2 employees that have come from a telecom provider. These individuals have firsthand knowledge of industry billing practices and years of experience analyzing customer service records (CSR’s) and validating each universal service ordering code. (USOC). Vendor invoices don’t contain the need information to properly validate telecom expenses. This leads to the billing practice of “trending” when processing these invoices for payment. It is truly not the fault of the company employee who is purposefully only given limited information to validate telecom costs.

Why should organizations have their telecom invoices analyzed when vendor contracts for services are in place?

There is a common misconception that contractual services for telecom services are the same every month. This is not necessarily true. What is often overlooked are the non-contractual fees and rate changes that can occur for services under those contracts.

What realistic cost savings can be expected with this engagement?

Clients can expect to save between 8-25% on their telecom expenses.

How is 180 Solutions, LLC compensated for their efforts?

The telecom cost reduction opportunity is a Performance Based Service that is solely dependent on 180 Solutions, LLC saving the client money before any compensation is given. 180 Solutions, LLC shares in any credit or refunds due to the customer.

What can possibly be uncovered that hasn't already been scrutinized on company's telecom bills?

It is not the fault of any individual employee or organization to correctly uncover these errors and overcharges because of the way telecom billing systems code their users’ invoices. Vague descriptors, ordering to billing system disconnects and price elasticity fees are just some of problems that plague an invoice. 180 Solutions, LLC is comprised of former telecom employees who are experienced in reading clients’ CSR’s and validating each USOC.