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The Referral Agent program is designed for well connected individuals that are interested in supplementing their income by leveraging their existing relationships and contacts.

Here is how it works:  Make contact with your existing or new  relationships and introduce 180 Solutions LLC’s service which is cost reduction & cost management of telecommunications services.  If your relationship(Referral) is interested in learning more, then complete the referral form below and set the expectation that a representative  of 180 Solutions will follow up to schedule a time to discuss this opportunity and answer any questions that they may have.

Below are some highlights of the program:

  • Referral Agent’s role is not to sell an account, but to pass a warm lead and contact of a qualified account that is interested in learning more about the program.  There is no expectation of any follow up or running of appointments or closing deals.
  • Our typical point of contact are CFO’s, controllers, CIO’s, IT Directors, IT Managers.
  • Qualification: We are looking for businesses that spend at least $3000 in current monthly telecom expenses.  Services include: Local, long distance, data & internet, wireless, phone system maintenance & lease.

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