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Case Study of AT&T Billing Errors

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One of the largest companies in the transportation industry had an IT team in place to monitor their AT&T invoices for local and data plans on a regular basis. Even though the transportation company’s IT team received monthly statements from their carrier, AT&T, they still did not have all the details needed to accurately detect any billing errors, and AT&T did not provide enough detail to identify the billing codes they use. The transportation company’s bills from AT&T varied only slightly. Since there were no jumps in dollar amounts from month to month, the billing looked to the IT team to be correct, and invoices were processed without question. However, in this instance, the bills were wrong from the beginning.

180 Solutions Findings:
After review, our team worked directly with AT&T to fix errors to the current data plan, saving the transportation company $120,000 in just one instance.

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