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Service Overview

180 Solutions LLC is an independent telecommunications consulting and professional business services firm. We will become an integral part of your IT or Telecommunications team and compliment any efforts that are being made regarding cost management in telecom. We provide:

180 Solutions LLC is not a vendor or reseller for a telecom provider. We are here to serve our client’s interests and business needs. We give unbiased recommendations. One of our primary goals is to strengthen the relationship with your current service providers. We do this to ensure two things:

  • That we provide our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible
  • To enable us to work in the most positive and ethical manner with all parties involved.

Our experts can identify hidden programs with any telecom provider.  For many companies, telecom expenses are one of the top 3 expenses.  Recent reports claim that over 80% of telecom providers admit to overcharging their clients.  Overcharges, hidden charges, or incorrect billing can go unknown to you because invoices are literally written in code.  There is money to be saved in your telecom expenses.  Let us uncover these savings for you and reduce costs while contributing back to your bottom line revenue.

Are you being overcharged?

A recent report states that over 80% of telecom providers admit to overcharging their clients.

Are you being overcharged on your telecom expenses?   Find out today.

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