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Your Telecom Invoices Have Errors; Here’s Why & How to Fix Them.

Most IT Directors and company Controllers scoff at discussing telecom expenses. Whether this is due to the mind set that these expenses are a fixed cost or they simply have had a bad experience in dealing with their provider in the past; who knows for sure. When asked how the organization validates its telecom invoices, most decision makers say they have it covered. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth, here is why…

To have things covered, businesses would need to properly validate the local land lines, MPLS, data circuits, wireless bills, etc.; you need to know how to read the customer service record (CSR) that accompanies EVERY service ordered from your telecom carrier. Not only that, you need to understand what every universal service ordering code (USOC) is and how it relates to the product you ordered. What this all boils down to is it can be extremely difficult to make heads or tails of your invoice even if you had the proper information and time, which most folks don’t have.

So how do these errors occur? Most carriers have two separate electronic processing platforms that they use to facilitate a new order of service being entered and ultimately an invoice rendered to the customer. One system processes the order then hands that information off to a billing and coding system to produce a monthly bill for all of the client’s services. Most billing errors occur either when the order is placed for new/changed services or when that handoff takes place between order entry and invoice transcription.

Fixing these discrepancies in the billing record can be tedious and very time consuming. Imagine waiting on hold with a customer account specialist for 30 minutes only to be disconnected and have to explain the whole scenario over again to a new representative. There is a reason why vendors make you jump through all of these hoops to ensure you are being billed properly. Their hope is that you will eventually give up and pay the invoice in full. There is help out there, 180 Solutions, LLC is a full service consulting firm with a staff that has all come from the telecom industry. During each engagement, our analyst order the applicable customer service records (CSR) for each account and audit each universal service ordering code (USOC) to ensure correctness. After those discrepancies have been identified we manage the process of getting those items credited and refunded back to the customer. Only after those actual savings have been credited is the only time compensation is given. 180 Solutions, LLC also continues to monitor those telecom statements in an ongoing relationship with its clients to ensure each billing period is accurate.

Stop wasting money on your telecom expenses and the subsequent time involved to correct them. Let 180 Solutions, LLC help! Give us a call today @ 855-644-2800!