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Your Wireless Data Plan Is About to Increase Significantly

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time now; the cost of data will be the major source of profits for all large telecom carriers.  The big four (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile) have known for a while that contract rates for both residential and business users are closely tied to set data pricing.  Millions of companies purchase bundled data plans so that employees can share data across a corporate account and then the carrier changes their data pricing model to maximize profits.  It’s like Groupon ® except the savings shrinks as more businesses sign up for data share plans.  Controlling the flow of data is gold and the major carriers have been stockpiling the bars for years.  Being able to access data on the go has been and will be the norm going forward for all businesses that want to stay ahead in their respective markets.  To have access to these different wireless networks there will be a premium to pay.  Wireless carriers tout their network reliability and if one is better than the rest then there is where your market price starts.  The future is wireless and the carriers understand that better than anybody.

“The most recent data show that a full 60% of Internet usage overall is via mobile devices, and according to a recent Cisco report, last year’s mobile data traffic was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000.” –mobilefuture.org

In fact, one could speculate that wireless carriers and broadband internet providers will eventually clash and be scrapping for every single client.  The could inevitably be operating in a shared space with the advent of LTE-U technology.  So as a business, who does one turn to for help navigating the complexities of data contract pricing?  180 Solutions, LLC has been serving organizations for years to reduce wireless and landline costs while mitigating price hikes and rate increases.  Comprised of former telecom employees, 180 Solutions, LLC can effectively reduce telecom costs associated with wireless and landline based services.  Reach out to us @ 855-644-2800, like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter & LinkedIN.

See full article, “Special Access and the Future of Wireless” –Jonathan Spalter, mobilefuture.org, Aug, 2015.