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Telecommunication Consulting Services

Have needs beyond your initial cost savings? We can help. 180 Solutions will perform any function or service within our area of expertise. The client purchases a Block of time (consulting hours) ahead of time that can be used for requests as needed.

The following are examples of how clients have used this service:

  • Identify number of cell phones/phone numbers
  • Information requests
  • Market analysis
  • Landline migration to VoIP
  • Customized reports
  • Vendor escalation
  • Moving to a new location
  • Training and instruction
  • One time project
  • Network design
  • Technology migration
  • RFP and/or RFQ
  • Wireless upgrades
  • Cost allocations

Are you being overcharged?

A recent report states that over 80% of telecom providers admit to overcharging their clients.

Are you being overcharged on your telecom expenses?   Find out today.

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