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180 Solutions simplifies, quantifies, and outlines the telecommunications technology changes and how they impact your organization.

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Telecommunication Support Services

Technology continues to emerge and change, especially in the area of communications. Navigating the endless options in technology and the vendors that offer those services can be a VERY time consuming and expensive initiative. 180 Solutions can simplify, quantify, and outline the impact to your organization.

Support Services is a flat fee program enabling a client to maintain ongoing error-free invoices. We address any needs your company may have in managing your vendor relationships so you can focus your time and efforts elsewhere while being assured errors will not occur. In addition, any changes we recommend in your current plan will result in achieving the greatest cost savings possible.

These services are beneficial for companies with high turnover or growth, that are going through other changes, that have limited time, and/or that experience frustration with the time it takes to work with vendors.

Expense Supervision

  • Cost Reduction
  • Cost Management
  • Monthly Account Review

Help Desk

  • Process moves, additions, changes, and equipment acquisition for local, LD, data, and wireless.
  • Instead of calling your vendors for these requests, we will take care of all of this for you.

Network Services Inventory

  • Phone and data devices
  • Wireless lines
  • Data lines
  • Local lines
  • Long distance lines
  • Lines, circuit ID’s, cost centers, features

Are you being overcharged?

A recent report states that over 80% of telecom providers admit to overcharging their clients.

Are you being overcharged on your telecom expenses?   Find out today.

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