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Case Study of Verizon Wireless Billing Errors

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A local commercial real estate company had been fighting billing problems with their wireless carrier, Verizon, for over a year. Verizon finally admitted that there was an issue and agreed to make a billing adjustment. The real estate company’s employees did not have the time or expertise for ongoing follow up with Verizon’s customer service department to confirm that a resolution had taken place. Unfortunately the billing adjustment Verizon promised was never made. The real estate company felt they would get better service moving forward by dealing with their local cellular store, which eventually closed, leaving them to find a new store to make purchases and address any billing issues. Because each wireless store is independently owned, with no consistency between stores, the new cellular store was, unfortunately, giving out incorrect information. To make matters worse, the local store employees weren’t able to be proactive in managing the real estate company’s account due to ongoing changes with Verizon. And, as an agent of a carrier, store owners are not employees of the carrier, and are incentivized based on what they sell, so store activity is focused on revenue generation. Store employees are simply not trained to seek out or address billing errors. Store agents will, primarily, only be willing to help for the purpose of an opportunity to increase sales and not to fix problems.

180 Solutions Findings:
After reviewing one month of their Verizon invoices, our team was able to determine the exact cause of the errors, and worked directly with Verizon to address all problems immediately and confirm a resolution was in place. This included a credit to the real estate company’s bill for more than the initial amount requested. 180 Solutions saved the client 27% of their monthly bill for their wireless expense, alone. The real estate company was so pleased they now subscribe to 180 Solutions’ Support Service Plan to review all bills for any additional errors and to review rate plans as the company’s needs change to insure they are getting the best pricing possible.

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